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Posted by killerjeff - September 12th, 2008

Only spongebob style! Hope you like it, took me one hour to make it!

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Also, That's not the only picture I have. Have fun, because acid will do this to your face.
Never handle acid, or you just might end up looking like me.



Comments (13)

You dident make that,Ive seen that before O_o

I love it when he say's "Mother fucker spelled my name wrong >:("

Know thy self.

My! You are looking quite handsome today, Jeff!

..... Awesome.....

spongebob ownz.

Why yes, it is a great flavor vanilla.

i will have nightmares now

Saw was pretty scary, huh?

And yet I see that being a real episode O_o

Me too.

Are you dead?

Not.... yet.....

I feel bad for you. At least your hair isn't green and you aren't in Arkham Asylum!(Imma be making joker references alot, so be prepared!)

thats not you thats a photoshoped katy robinson picture to look like you

The fuck are you talking about?

haven't you heard of the story of katy robinson the 4chan user that commited suicide due to other 4chan users calling her fat and supposedly according to a article i found online about you that after her death her face in her profile picture (that people was cyberbullying her about) and kinda made her face creepy like the overly obessed girlfriend just because some 4chan users made a fictional verison of you that goes around killing people like jason and michael mayers and that you ruined a girl that you live around that became jane the killer (she also that seeks revenge) after your fought with a group of boys that was picking on you and your older brother liu and then you snapped and then you got your face burned and then after a couple of days in the being restriained to your bed you seen your face and was laughing in a creepy way then you went to the bathroom and burned your eyes out and cut your mouth so you are always smiling and you asked your mom if she though you look bealiful she said you do then went to wake up your dad and then you got upset that she lied to you and killed both your parents which woke up liu and you tried to make him told him to go to sleep then killed him another story about you was that you faught sanderman and i think you were the victor then theres a story that you fought jane the killer then after that theres just people making other stories about you that are not as well known and finally the title reminds me of another myth about you that the picture of you that more well-known then this picture was some advertisement for saw v not the kind person you said you were in the youtube video that started the jeff the killer myths

None of this is correct.

more pics of your beautiful face please??

Hmm maybe.... :D

I have certain doubts now, are you the creator of Jeff The killer or are you Jeff The killer? And how did you make such a frighteningly nice image? I realize that at times you comment on something like Jeff The killer, it scared me a bit, I'm too scared to lose my life, I hope nothing happens to me while I'm sleeping, it's almost ironic a deformed face you Waking up at dawn to tell you to do something I was already doing, I mean the famous phrase "Go to sleep," why does Jeff The Killer use this phrase? What is the real meaning of it? And Jeff is really crazy? Would he be able to love anyone? Does he enjoy killing? And how does he living today?

The real phrase is "It's joy" Go to sleep is from the Jeff fanfiction, don't fall for that.

Hey, man. I wanna ask you a few questions about the supposedly Jeff The Killer origins that people still question on the internet today:

1. Did you REALLY make this picture? Or was it from another website...
If you DID make this picture, then what did you use for the whole picture? I noticed you only replaced the eyes, and horizontally flipped the picture. If this was from another website, can you show me?

2. Where is that picture of the girl from? You know, Katy Robinson, the girl that commit suicide later after her brother on /b/ told anons on 4chan about her being bullied by other anons that had called her fat and ugly. But, I knew that the Katy Robinson suicide on /b/ was a hoax, because as soon as I reverse image searched the picture, it was from a 2006 blog, called Clique2Quit.


>>The Jeff the Killer picture was taken from a Japanese MAD video around 2007
>>The JTK story was written around October 3, 2008
>>The Katy Robinson suicide rumor on /b/ was posted around April 21, 2008.
>>The Katy Robinson picture was originally from a blog around 2006, called Clique2Quit.

Trust me, I KNOW this isn't the actual origin of the picture itself. I tried contacting the creator, dezwal@hotmail.com about the picture, but didn't get a reply yet. If you were on /b/ on 4chan back around 2005/2006 and knew something about the picture itself, please reply to me a link, whether it is archived or active...

That's all I have to say for now. If you got any information or links to the original sources of the pictures, including the JTK one, I will be glad to find out.


The picture was made in late 2005, It was a latex mask, one picture was an unedited one, and the second one was touched up with photoshop for that big smile, The katy robinson image was a hoax, 4chan loves to make controversy for the lulz, katy has nothing to do with Jeff, I'm afraid you were tricked by 4chan trolls.

@kornrox wait you have? where was it?